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Transport and Logistics Vertical

Modules & Features

a) Workshop Module integrated with Inventory Management System
  • Electronic job card Opening for Workshop Job cards and service job cards
  • Online Requisition of Parts to the Stores Department
  • Issuing of spare parts from the system against requisitions
  • Task allocation to mechanics
  • Setup of approval levelers for documents e.g. purchasing orders, fuel voucher, mileage voucher

Breakdown Module integrated with Workshop Module

  • Keeping track of breakdowns
  • Keeping track of cash handling to attend breakdowns
  • Cost analysis of workshop jobs
  • External service procedures

Inventory Module

  • Electronic purchase order to suppliers for spare part purchases and external service
  • Goods received/ Not received goods from suppliers
  • Inventory cost analysis
  • Inter-branch stock transfer between multi locations
  • Gatepass procedure
  • Quality check prior to closing job cards

Reports that can be Generated from the System

  • Number of vehicles in the workshop
  • Type of vehicles in the workshop
  • How many days the job card has been open
  • Vehicle wise expenses report
  • Breakdown analysis
b) Transport Operations Module for Long Haulage and Local Shunting
  • Contract management; creating contracts for local shunting and long haulage operations
  • Route management; creating own routes and checkpoints
  • Journey management
  • Driver management and Employee management
  • Fuel voucher processing against the journey created
  • Mileage issuance
  • Complete approval processing
  • Issuance of top up fuel and mileage vouchers for a given truck
  • Delay logs(subject to integration with tracking devices)
  • Incident management system
  • Driver violations
  • Journey closure
  • Real time delivery note processing from the system
  • Generation of sales invoices against multiple delivery notes
  • Batch approvals of mileages
  • Batch approvals of fuel
  • Petty cash integration

Reports that can be Generated from the System

  • Vehicle Listing Report
  • Vehicle documentation expiry report
  • Vehicle documents to expire report
  • Daily Loadings Report Grouped by Driver, Truck, Route, and Client
  • Daily Loadings Performance Report – Contract wise
  • Daily Loadings contract wise report for Long Haulage
  • Loading Report Summarized
  • Client wise loadings analysis report
  • Daily Off loadings Report Grouped by Driver, Truck, Route and Client
  • Offloading Report Summarized
  • Loadings and Offloading Report
  • Driver wise Summary Trips Contract wise – Local Shunting
  • Driver wise trip analysis – Long Haulage
  • Route wise deliveries analysis report
  • Truck wise deliveries report analysis
  • Fuel Voucher Reports
  • Journeys Not Planned
  • Mileage and Trip Expenses report
  • Truck wise Expenses and Deliveries Report
  • Journey wise Expense Report – Grouped by Date, Driver, Truck, Route,
  • Expense and Contract
  • Sales Report – Grouped by Date, Route, Truck, Product, Driver and Client
  • Deliveries not yet Invoiced Report
  • Journey wise Profitability Report
  • Profitability Reports – Grouped by Truck and Month

The transport operations module is fully integrated with the finance module.

c) Job Scheduling, Clock In and Clock Out
  • Task allocation
  • Job card opening
  • Standard Task Start and End time
  • Tasks quality Check
  • Job closure
d) Tyre Management System
  • Purchase orders for new tyres
  • Tyre received not
  • Tyre serialization and branding
  • Tyre issuance to truck
  • Return of tyre to the store department
  • Supplier return
  • Confirmation of tyres to be rethreaded
  • Purchase order for rethread
  • Goods Received Note
  • Sending tyres to scrap
  • Tyre inspection: Depth of the threads, position of faulty tyres

Reports that can be Generated from the System

  • Tyre list report
  • Used tyre list report
  • Vehicle wise tyre
  • Tyres in scrap location
  • Online issuance register of tyre
  • Online receipting register
  • Tyres issues to trucks
  • Tyres ordered but not received
  • Tyres received but not branded
  • Tyre repair cost by tyre
  • Tyre rethread cost by tyre
  • List of tyres with serialized numbers
  • Tyre evaluation report
  • Mileage covered for each tyre
  • Inspection report
  • Tyre wear and tear analysis based on thread depth
e) Job contracting
  • Clearly defined Bill of Quantities and Bill of Material
  • Electronic Job cards processing
  • Online Material Requisition against bill of quantities integrated with subcontracting costs
f) Fuel Management System
  • Fuel purchase order
  • Goods receipt note for fuel
  • Meter reading
  • Fuel issuance to trucks as per fuel voucher
  • Pump readings (morning and evening readings)

One fuel tank can have two fuel pumps. Meter readings are different from pump readings.

g) Clearing and Forwarding Module
  • Electronic file opening system
  • Documentation
    – Shipping line details
    – CFS charges
    – Port charges
    – Container handling charges
    – Container numbers
  • Transport
    – Which transporter loaded each container
    – When container crossed the border
    – Invoice details
    – When container reached destination
  • Container Control department
    – Return date of container to depot
  • Delivery note processing from the system
  • Bonds and declaration department
  • File wise income
  • File wise expenses

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