Genius Business Systems (GBS Africa) is a Software solution provider based in Kenya that offers enterprise solutions to the African market. The management of our company boasts of over 10 years experience in the ERP Industry and our work ethics are based on a win-win mindset. Client satisfaction remains a constant priority to us.


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Financial Accounting and Management Accounts Preparation

Besides book keeping and managing data entry, it is important for the client to keep track of profitability and whether the financial entries are correct. This is ensured by the following features in our system:

  • Verification of the accounting entries that go into the ERP System
  • Reconciliation of bank debtors, creditors and general ledger account from book keeping entries
  • Preparation of cash flow statements
  • Creation of projections
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Preparation of finalaccounts; balance sheet and profit and loss accounts for the client company
  • Advisory services

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