Genius Business Systems (GBS Africa) is a Software solution provider based in Kenya that offers enterprise solutions to the African market. The management of our company boasts of over 10 years experience in the ERP Industry and our work ethics are based on a win-win mindset. Client satisfaction remains a constant priority to us.


1ST Floor, Sahajanand Mall, NarnarayanClose, Kutch Prant – Langata, Nairobi Kenya

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solutions for various industries

Software Implementation

Our licensing does not end at providing the software. It is crucial that we implement the system in the best manner; hence we take the following steps to achieve successful implementation:

  • Data collection and data cleaning
  • Process reengineering; advising clients on standards operating procedures to be implemented and structuring the company’s internal processes
  • Data upload in the centralized database
  • Mapping the solution to the business environment
  • End user training
  • Customization of the software to meet the specific needs of the customer
  • Reports development and customization (for day to day operations and high level management reporting).
  • Ensuring smooth transition from manual operation to Go live operation
  • Customer acceptance and handover of the software
  • Post-implementation 6 months warranty; free client support and modifications of the software.

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