Genius Business Systems (GBS Africa) is a Software solution provider based in Kenya that offers enterprise solutions to the African market. The management of our company boasts of over 10 years experience in the ERP Industry and our work ethics are based on a win-win mindset. Client satisfaction remains a constant priority to us.


1ST Floor, Sahajanand Mall, NarnarayanClose, Kutch Prant – Langata, Nairobi Kenya

+254 798 074 411
+254 723 175 225

founder of GBS

Mr. Siddique Harunany

Mr. Siddique Harunany is the C.E.O. and founder of GBS Africa. He is a refined Software Engineer who also holds an MBA in International Business.

As the founder of MarsTrack ERP and with more than 15 years’ robust work experience in the IT and Software Industry, he has provided software solutions, advisory services and consultancy to many companies in the African market.

His strategic approach and service to his clients has given rise to revolutionizing a number of companies.

Starting in 2009 with a simple inventory management system, he managed to develop and deploy many solutions in the Kenyan market in diverse industrial verticals.