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Digital City Limited

Digital City is a trading company dealing in importation and sale of a wide range of products such as hand tools, power tools, machinery, generators and construction machinery just to mention a few examples. They are based in Nairobi, Mombasa and Nakuru with a total of 4 operating branches.

Their market is spread across East Africa and thus they required software that would keep track of their Inventory, Sales, Purchase and Financials.

Since January 2019, MarsTrack ERP has provided Digital City Limited with Inventory module which helps them keep stock of each and every item and their movement. They also utilize the Import Costing module where they update their cost prices after every container importation. The Field Sales module makes their sale processes much easier to conduct and monitor while the Workshop module keeps them updated on the service jobs done every day in the workshop. The Finance module keeps the up to date with their monetary transactions.

All the above modules by MarsTrack ERP provide them reports which are key in decision making.

Contact Name: Madam Shabnam
Director, Digital City Limited
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254 722 710 786

R.K. Sanghani

R.K. Sanghani is a transport company based in Nairobi and Mombasa. With a fleet of 300 trucks, R.K loads clinker and loose cargo for reputable cement producers such as National Cement and Bamburi Lafarge.

The company utilizes MarsTrack’s journey management system to allocate fuel, mileage and other trip expenses to the journeys.

R.K. Sanghani has workshops across 4 Regions in the country, whereby the MarsTrack Fleet Management system is used to track workshop job cards and spare parts.

With fuel stations across all divisions, the client keeps track of inventory in each fuel tank and the fuel system is integrated with the operations system where fuel vouchers are linked to each journey.

Petty cash management was always an issue for the client before MarsTrack. Keeping track of every voucher and allocations to trips or cash purchases was problematic as well. However, with the Petty Cash module, accountability on cash usage is tracked seamlessly .Reports on cash purchases by various groups was easily achieved. The Petty Cash module was seamlessly integrated with the Transport module and without an authorized trip expense voucher no cash can be dispense.

R.K. Sanghani successfully runs on MarsTrack Fleet Management system for all divisions since 2012.

Contact Name: Robert Kirombo
IT Manager, R.K. Sanghani
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254 726 991 118

SGC Investments Ltd

Having operations in Ndola and Lusaka with a fleet of 100 trucks, SGC’s core business is Fuel Stations across Zambia and Tanzania.

The fleet loads and unloads fuel from the central depot across all stations. The company has also expanded their services to loading cargo for other clients.

MarsTrack Fleet Management system was acquired by SGC Investments in 2018 to track workshop expenses and performance of mechanics.
Previously, SGC Investments had a delay challenge in transactions as well as operations. They were also unable to keep track of their trucks which were on different journeys.

GBS Africa provided the client with Tramigo Tracking Application integrated with MarsTrack ERP in early 2019. At the click of a button, they can determine the exact position of every truck that is on a journey. The application has since automated multiple things that were initially done manually, for example, input of mileage, date and time of trip start and maintenance dates of the truck just to mention a few.

We have also provided the company with Delay Log reports and Performance Reports which help the Director know where a delay is being caused and by whom.

Contact Name: George Shinganya
Director, SGC Investments Ltd
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254 707 307 494

Romageco Kenya Ltd (Robsmagic)

Romageco Kenya are a company in the automobile industry based in Nairobi and Mombasa. They deal in supplying suspension systems and 4×4 accessories and TMD products.

They offer services such as suspension fitment, suspension repairs and upgrades, heavy duty suspension upgrades, vehicle service(major and minor), dual battery management systems, full body conversions and flatbeds, wheel balancing and alignment, seats and seat cover installation.

They also assemble the only certified airbag compatible in East Africa bull bars precisely to the required standards. In addition, they do bespoke fabrication for 4×4. Their processes include assembling of bull bar parts as well as roof rack parts into finished products.

Romageco Kenya Limited utilizes MarsTrack ERP system to track the production processed as well as raw material and inventory management. The company has successfully run on MarsTrack since 2009.

Contact Name: Griffin Madaga
IT Manager, Romageco Kenya Ltd
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254713 549 025

Emmess Transport & Spears Logistics Ltd

Emmess Transport is a clearing and forwarding company specializing in consolidations and offering transport chain management to clients in East African countries including South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Spears Logistics which is a sister company to Emmess Transport, uses MarsTrack to offer Customs and Port Clearance and process transactions within the required timelines. The system helps in coordinating the logistics process right from origin to destination to ensure that correct documentation and applicable permits accompany each consignment.

Contact Name: Arbaz Khan
IT Manager, Emmess Transport & Spears Logistics Ltd
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254 770 615 116

Rama Homes

Rama Homes is one of the leading and fastest growing real estate companies in Kenya.

They required automation across the Finance Department, Sub-contracting, Construction and CRM. They considered Sage, Oracle and SAP for solutions, however these tools were too expensive and they required a Kenyan software company who would custom make solutions to fit the aforementioned purposes.

Rama Homes adopted MarsTrack ERP System and experienced a seamless transition with our Project management approach.

They utilize the Finance module to keep track of expenses and revenues for each real estate project under them.

They also use the inventory module to keep track of building materials and the sales module to keep track of apartment sales.

Rama Homes took up the HR and Payroll Software to cater for the accountability of pay for their numerous employees.

Contact Name: Mr. Hassan
General Manager, Rama Homes Ltd
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254 726 202 250

Specialised Fibre Glass Ltd (SFG)

SFG is a Nairobi based company and they are moulders of a wide range of fiberglass products in the field of vehicle bodies, boat buildings and some architectural components.

They have been using MarsTrack successfully for the past several years.

They use the production module to keep track of their manufacturing processes and the jobs done in them.

The job costing module helps them keep track of the costs incurred for every job in the company.

They also use the clock in/clock out system to monitor the amount of time taken for each job logged in to the system.

The inventory module helps keep track of the movement of raw materials as well as finished products.

Contact Name: Victor
IT Manager, Specialized Fibreglass Ltd
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254-728-668 165

ANCO Trading

ANCO Trading is a Mombasa based company with 2 operating branches in Mombasa and Nairobi each. They are importers of truck parts majorly dealing in windscreens and they sell it in the local market.

The importation of containers made them need a costing module with which they would calculate the new costs of items every time they receive the shipping. They also needed a system to handle their inter-branch stock transfer.

GBS Africa has provided them the finance, sales and inventory modules of the MarsTrack system. The inventory module helps them keep track of their stock. The field sales module has automated their sales processes while the finance module helps them to be up to date with their monetary transactions. All these modules provide them reports which are key in decision making.

ANCO Trading have been using the system as at January 2020 and they have utmost satisfaction with the product and the service we provide.

Contact Name: Yassir Abbas Harunany
Operations Manager, ANCO Trading Ltd
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254-792-349 424

Commercial Motor Spares (CMS)

CMS is a spare part company based in Industrial Area, Nairobi. They import their spares from Japan and sell them in the local market.

They currently use the counter-sales module in MarsTrack which is the POS system. The module helps them track their stocks, procurement cycles as well as sales. They are provided with the reports that they use to monitor their business and make important decisions.

Contact Name: Jayantha
Operations Manager, Commercial Motor Spares
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254-742-372 228

Rama Auto Spares

Rama Auto is a company based in Nairobi with only one branch which deals in truck spare parts.

They also use the POS system which just consists of the counter- sales. They are able to monitor all their purchases and sales in the modules provided.

The modules provide them reports which are key in decision making.

Contact Name: Abdullatif
IT Manager, Rama Auto Spares
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254-725-308 80

Inland Africa Logistics (IAL)

IAL uses the MarsTrack CNF module to operate their international clearing, forwarding & freight logistics.

They operate over East and Central Africa and have been running successfully on MarsTrack for the past several years.

Contact Name: Ally
Manager, Inland Africa Logistics
Email Address:
Mobile Contact: +254-722-827 532

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