Genius Business Systems (GBS Africa) is a Software solution provider based in Kenya that offers enterprise solutions to the African market. The management of our company boasts of over 10 years experience in the ERP Industry and our work ethics are based on a win-win mindset. Client satisfaction remains a constant priority to us.


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solutions for various industries

Real Estate Industry

Modules & Features

a) Project accounting to keep track of projects, income and expenses
  • Setup of projects and units and their selling prices
  • Payment plan setup for customers paying over a period of time
  • Receipt of payment based on the payment plan; budgeted payment vs payment received
  • Setup of subcontractor payment plans
  • Profitability analysis by project
b) Rent collection system
  • Rent charges setup for every project and unit
  • Setup of lease agreements for customers
  • Automatic invoice on email sent to customers for rent dues and statement of accounts
  • Integrated service charge and other charges
c) Job card system for preventive maintenance of houses
  • Electronic job cards for any maintenance issues that arise
  • Purchase of material to service the jobs
  • Issuance of material against maintenance job cards
  • Unit wise costs incurred on preventive maintenance jobs

Financial Statements that can be Generated from the System in Real Estate

  • Consolidated Profit and loss account
  • Project Wise Profit and loss account
  • Balanced TB with year-end journals
  • Balanced TB without Year end journals
  • Consolidated User defined Balance sheetand drill down facility
  • Supplier statement with ageing analysis and drill down facility
  • Customer statement with ageing analysis and drill down facility
  • Nominal activity report and drill down facility

Reports that can be Generated from the System in Real Estate

  • Customer statement on mortgage charges with ageing analysis
  • Customer statement on service charges with ageing analysis
  • Customer statement on rent charges and ageing analysis
  • Customer outstanding against unit cost
  • Customer ageing against payment plan
  • Customer outstanding on service charges
  • Supplier outstanding report
  • Supplier outstanding project wise
  • Subcontractor outstanding report
  • Unallocated payments report
  • Unallocated receipts report
  • Vat report on sales
  • Vat Report on Purchases
  • Project-wise expenses reports
  • Project-wise bank outstanding balances
  • Dormant clients report
  • Daily receipts and payments
  • Bank reconciliation reports
  • Bank transfer reports

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